Privacy Engineering

A dataflow and ontological approach

Dr. Ian Oliver

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Information privacy is the major defining issue of today's Internet enabled World.

To construct information systems from small mobile 'apps' to huge, heterogeneous, cloudified systems requires merging together skills from software engineering, legal, security and many other disciplines - including some outside of these fields! Only through properly modelling the system under development can we full appreciate the complexity of where personal data and information flows; and more importantly, effectively communicate this.

This book presents an approach based upon data flow modelling, coupled with standardised terminological frameworks, classifications and ontologies to properly annotate and describe the flow of information into, out of and across these systems. Also provided are structures and frameworks for the engineering process, requirements and audits; and even the privacy programme itself, but takes a pragmatic approach and encourages using and modifying the tools and techniques presented as the local context and needs require.


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Available on Amazon Worldwide, Kindle and CreateSpace; also selected book sellers.

Published July 2014

ISBN-13: 978-1497569713
ISBN-10: 1497569710
264 Pages, B/W on White Paper


  • Introduction
  • Case Study
  • Privacy Engineering Process Structure
  • Data Flow Modelling
  • Security and Information Classifications
  • Additional Classification Structures
  • Requirements
  • Risk and Assessments
  • Notice and Consent
  • Privacy Enhancing Techniques
  • Auditing and Inspections
  • Developing a Privacy Programme


Dr. Ian Oliver

Dr Ian Oliver has taken ideas from safety-critical systems development, aviation and medicine to better comprehend, understand and formalise an engineering approach that unifies the legal and engineering aspects of privacy together to make privacy relevant and implementable to the practising software engineer.

Ian currently works for Nokia and also holds a Research Fellow position at the University of Brighton working with the Visual Modelling Group on diagrammatic forms of reasoning.

Prior to that as the privacy officer for Nokia Services and for eleven years at Nokia Research Centre working with Semantic Web, UML, formal methods and hardware-software co-design. He has also worked at Helsinki University of Technology and Aalto University teaching formal methods and modelling with UML. He holds over 30 patents in areas such as The Internet of Things, semantic technologies and privacy.

Ian lives in Sipoo, Finland with his wife, two children, dog and cat.


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