Company Profile


Attaining the optimum fitness level as elite as the Navy SEAL's is now possible by joining our fitness center as we are the specialist in the 'Seal Grinder' fitness method that would train any fitness enthusiast to attain the greatest level of fitness evidently! Aimed to appease the fitness cravings of the hardcore fitness aficionados, this method comprises of rigorous fitness procedures that would not only benefit you physically but also mentally and hence, it is for anybody willing to attain the absolute endurance!

Our Mission

Not only training the body but also training the minds of the fitness enthusiasts is our ultimate aim as we believe no fitness is ever complete without achieving the mental endurance, for which, we adopt the Seal Grinder fitness routine that would bestow absolute endurance to those hardcore fitness freaks.

Our History

Our founder, being an ex-Navy SEAL believed that the SEAL workout procedures taught to him during his training helped him to endure any tough situation both physically and mentally, at ease and hence, decided to spread this magical method to the interested and yet the toughest fitness enthusiasts, for which he founded this fitness training institute. For the past 10 years, our institute is successful in propagating this 'Seal Grinder' fitness method for the benefit of the mass and has achieved consistent results too!



Every act of us is equipped with the sense of responsibility of not only training the fitness enthusiasts optimally but also serving the nation responsibly. We train our fitness aficionados in such a manner so that in the event of any emergency they would not only be able to defend them but also the involved society due to their physical endurance and mental toughness.

Our Team